About us

Laurence Clark & Associates (LCA) is a Melbourne-based recruiting firm founded in October, 2009 by Laurie Clark. Specialising in ICT recruitment, including both permanent and contract roles, we aspire to provide a straightforward, quality recruiting experience to both clients and candidates.

Laurie Clark,
Founder of LCARec

Over Laurence’s 30 years in the ICT industry, which started in a technical role as an IBM 370 Assembler programmer back in the early days of punched card programming, he has worked with many prominent ICT companies throughout New Zealand and Australia, working in system analysis, sales, and branch management. For almost a decade, he has been involved in recruitment, specialising in the ICT industry.

Our aim is to provide unique service to our customers, wherein we believe in quality over quantity. We ensure the best match between customers and candidates and pride ourselves on our ability to scrutinise, to make sure customers are offered the best candidates, and the candidates can find the best position. By going further and really understanding the workplace and position, as well as getting to know the candidates well, we can make informed decisions and find the best match.