Recruitment Consultancy

Who are we?

Trading as Laurence Clark and Associates (LCA) since October 2009, we offer personalised ICT recruitment services to a range of companies around Australia, using a thorough approach and focussing on quality over quantity. It is our aim to listen to our customers’ requirements, understand the technical necessities and deliver a selection of candidates that accurately matches the request.

Where are we?

While we are based in and conduct most of our business in Victoria, Australia, LCA is open to interstate or even international projects. LCA is a proud member of NPA Worldwide, a global recruitment network of independent recruiting firms with members in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas, and Australia. Thanks to NPA, our outreach to candidates and positions is significantly extended, meaning we can give an enhanced service to clients and a wider selection of opportunities to candidates.

Why choose LCA?

LCA employs only consultants with first-hand experience of working in the ICT industry. This industry experience enables us to understand your brief and also the value proposition of candidates. Many companies find ICT recruitment a particular burden, and much of this burden falls too often on busy managers who have to find a way to fit it into their day to day workload.

We see our role as one where we use our specialist skills to reduce this burden as much as possible. We take great care to understand your business and its culture, then do the time-consuming and painstaking work for you to find the right person for the position.